Creating solutions for more tan 20 years to make your business more competitive

The great importance that technology has gained for the evolution of any organizational environment requires real and integral advice.SOLIDARY COLLABORATIONS
We make applications according to the needs of our clients

Our intentions are to be your trusty technologic partner, always searching the best solution for your environment, establishing a relationship that lasts through time

Big Data
CLOUD servers
TIC consultancy

EISI is a reference business in the sector of technologic and strategic consultancy, with staff specialized in the development of projects for the implementation of technologic solutions according to each enterprise.

Personalized services

EISI, thanks to its expanded experience, is capable of developing proposals of I+D projects adapted to the needs of all its clients. We are capable of identifying the potential lines of I+D and make evaluations of the possibilities and opportunities of each sector.

Big Data

Analysis and information management are the crucial point for digital transformation.
Thanks to the Big Data, EISI provides an optimization in data management that translates to better decision making and an improvement in the client’s business strategic moves.

CLOUD servers

Our business has its own servers with the market’s most advanced characteristics in power and reliability, a place to install the applications your clients need while having available all their resources with total integration.

CLOUD servers

The solution according to your real needs. Our servers are your enterprise’s best solution for safety, cost, availability, possibility for backups and scalability.

CLOUD servers
BACKUP servers
La tecnología para conectarlo todo

Vigilance solutions

Data recollection and alarms. Asset tracking and geo-fenced. Preventive maintenance. Billing based on usage.

Remote access

Remote access

Log in safely in remote products and devices to diagnose problems. Remote service of diagnosis and problem solution.

Content distribution

Content distribution

Software asset management: Definition and implementation. Distribution and organization of files and documentation.

Management and configuration

Management and configuration

Stocking and access to asset configuration. Compliance management. Telematics.

We create intelligent enviroments where you can make the right choices and establish predictions improving the client’s user experience

We work with mixed reality techniques combining the use of Virtual Reality technologies and Augmented Reality to achieve, with our technologic solutions, an improvement in the client’s relationship with the brand, on top of improving sales and the client’s experience.

Somos globales
Aportamos soluciones globales
Nos adaptamos a las circunstancias de nuestros clientes, aportándoles el máximo valor añadido.

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